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Thank you for your interest in Walter Jordan’s Young Men’s Leadership Conference!

There are many young men that do not have positive male role models or mentor in their lives. There are other young men that have positive male role models or mentors, but need to personally develop their leadership and life skills. Both groups of young men will benefit by attending the Leadership Conference.

2016 Conference Attendees

About the Conference

Our Leadership Conference will be an Intense, Locker Room, Real/Straight Talk, Hands On LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE geared towards mentoring, as well as teaching life and leadership skills to our young men. Our one day conference is open to young men ages 12-18 who will are currently rising freshmen through rising seniors fall 2017 – 2018 of this calendar school year.

Please note that this is NOT a sports program, but rather a LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE geared towards mentoring as well as teaching life and leadership skills to young men.

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Conference Details

The conference will be held June 16th, 2018 at Dantanna’s Downtown in the CNN Center, Atlanta. Sign-in will be held on Saturday morning. Conference times are as follows:

Saturday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Please note that we will host some kind of fun group event on Saturday evening…details to come.

We will be providing a full lunch and snacks, along with other surprises.  Water, juice, snacks and refreshments will be provided throughout both days. Register early as THIS EVENT WILL  SELL OUT! (Only 50 seats are available).

The young men that attend the conference will be asked to fully engage and participate in group exercises, sessions and discussions. The attendees will be mentored by a strong group of culturally diverse, successful men (young and old) from many professional backgrounds that share the same vision as Executive Director and founder Walter Jordan.

Our outstanding All-Star Team of Speakers and Panelist are coming together and will be finalized shortly. For more videos, pictures and updates, please log onto and like our new Facebook page at Walter Jordan’s Young Men’s Conference. Listed below are the topics that will be covered during the conference.

Conference Topics

  • Born To Perform at The Genius Level
  • Winning Is A Process
  • There is A King in Every Crowd
  • Stopped By The Police?
  • The Power of Love
  • The Laws of Leadership
  • Mental Toughness
  • Personal Self-Discipline
  • No One Should Expect More Of You Than You
  • Taking Ownership of Your Life
  • You Are Already Part of a Championship Team
  • Embrace The Journey
  • Designed for Greatness
  • Be Respectful
  • No One Owes You Anything
  • Respect
  • I Want To Play in the NBA or the NFL
  • Your Mom Is  NOT your Maid
  • Your Dad is NOT your Slave
  • Becoming A Better You
  • You Are NEVER Along
  • The Power of Gratitude and Appreciation
  • No Free Lunches
  • Never Ever Quit
  • Stuck On Stupid
  • Character!
  • Get Up! Step Up! Rise Up!
  • No More Excuses!
  • Get Your Swag On!
  • Pass It Forward
  • You LEAD!


2018 Speakers & Panelist

To Be Announced

Conference Fee

The conference cost is $97 for those registered by June 10, 2018. The price will increase to $119 on June 11, 2018 so complete your registration NOW! Click the button below to register.

Conference Scholarships

There will be a limited number of scholarships available to those young men who would like to attend, but are unable to pay the conference fee. To learn more about the scholarship process or to apply, please click here for additional information.

NOTE: If your heart allows, please feel free to sponsor a few young men or two from our list of economically disadvantage young men (single parent homes) who would like to attend. If you are interested in providing a scholarship, click here to email Rhonda Jordan. Thank You In Advance!

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Excellence ●  Integrity ●  Leadership ●  Loyalty ●  Respect ●  Responsibility ●  Service ●  Teamwork ●  Faith